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These are the different services that Mermaid Luna currently offers. Additional options (gifts, decorations, etc.) are listed here.

Meet & Greet

Luna is always willing to make new friends! She's able to accommodate herself on land to come to your event and bring a smile to guests faces. 

Birthday Parties

What better way to celebrate your child than to add a sense of wonder and fun to the party with a mermaid? Luna comes prepared with all sorts of games and activities! Check out the add-ons page for other great stuff to complete the package.

Beach Sightings

"How was your weekend?" "Oh, pretty cool - we saw a mermaid in the lake!"

Most memorable fishing trip ever. Summer vacation surprise. Marriage proposal assistance. Message in a bottle. The possibilities are endless, the memories are forever.


Want to shake up your portfolio, create gorgeous art, and work with someone who is both professional and experienced? Luna is just the subject you're looking for, no matter the medium. 

Mermaid Tank

With four years of experience and counting at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, Luna is very adept at interacting with people both above and below the surface. If you have a tank that is large enough (1,000 gallons and up), add the most tank-experienced mermaid in Michigan to it for an event that is sure to impress and delight!

The Little Mermaid

True to her childhood idol, if you prefer to have Ariel come to your event instead of Luna, that's not a problem! Ariel is more than happy to entertain and sing one or two of her signature songs. 

Interested in hiring Luna for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​

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