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 ~Why/how did you become a mermaid?
   I became a mermaid because it's something I've always dreamed of being, ever since I saw Disney's The Little Mermaid. I used to love to pretend to be some beautiful, graceful creature when I went swimming, even as I got older.
How did I do it? By a stroke of luck, commenting on a link Alasea had posted at the right time. She was selling her green Mertailor tail on eBay, and I commented that it was the exact right size. In her reply she asked me to email if I was interested in being her mermaid sidekick, and I jumped at the opportunity. Literally. There may have been a happy dance involved. The rest is history. =)


~What do you do as a mermaid?
   Think of what you could hire a mermaid for. I can be an ornament/part of the decoration, or can easily interact with and entertain guests. The possibilities are nearly endless!

~Do you work for yourself, or someone else?
   I work for myself. But I have subcontracted with Blue Mermaid Designs and Freshwater Merfolk in the past. I am also currently the manager of Hollygrove Cove Merfolk, the pod of mermaids who appears in the mermaid tank at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. 

~How much are your rates?
   My rates are dependent upon what type of event you're hosting, and travel costs. Charities and fundraisers get a discount. Email me with more information, and I'll give you a personal quote.

   If you're also purchasing add-ons, those cost extra, and those rates can be found on the Additional Options page of the website.

~Where do you get a tail, and how much does it cost? What's it made out of?
   There are actually many places you can get a tail, and all of them are listed at the MerNetwork Tailmakers page. The cost depends on the materials a tail is made of (fabric, neoprene, latex, silicone), and also upon the tailmaker.  Not to mention whether or not there's any level of customization involved, and labor time to make it.
   You can also make your own tail. There are some pretty good how-to videos online, like Mermaid Sasha's.
PLEASE NOTE: Realistic tails ARE worth the cost - BUT - they require a lot of maintenance. You have to be prepared to put a bunch of time into taking care of a realistic tail, from cleaning it with the right things and drying it right away (after you swim in it or clean it), to making sure that you have the correct products to do touch-ups from time-to-time (like Createx paint). For more info: Important Tail Care & Maintenance.

Trust me, these tails aren't toys. They are a huge investment, and you have to take it seriously. =) 

~Can you swim in the tail?
   Of course. Check out my video section to see me in action. =)

~So how long do you have to hold your breath?
   There's no set time. Each mer who swims is different. Personally, not moving much, I could probably get to 30 seconds, moving (i.e. swimming) would yield a shorter time. I'm still learning and overcoming obstacles.
Some of the more famous mers, like Hannah Mermaid, Linden Wolbert of Mermaids in Motion, Medusirena Marina, and Mermaid Melissa have diving training, and could swim circles around me any day.


*pardon our barnacles, more to come soon! 

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