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Mermaid Luna is a professional mermaid in the southeast Michigan area, who enjoys every opportunity to share the magic of mermaids and their aquatic habitat. She helps expand the minds of others about environmental conservation, especially for cetaceans (the mammals best adapted to aquatic life), as well as helping people expand their dreams and themselves by merging fantasy with reality in a way that is both entertaining as well as educational.


She has experience both in front of and behind the camera, both stills and video, and is enthusiastic and willing to learn more. Luna is great for photo shoots, videos, promotional events, corporate events, fundraisers, campaigns, print ads, TV, etc.

She currently has a custom-fitted orca-inspired realistic dragonskin silicone Mernation tail that is fully swimmable, and two custom-made shell tops (both are real shells).

Luna's rates are dependent upon the nature and distance of each job, and she *does* volunteer for certain organizations and events (mostly charities and fundraisers). 

She requires at LEAST 3 references, and will always bring at least one mertender to each job. 

Luna is also the manager and owner of Hollygrove Cove Merfolk, the conglomerate company of mermaids who perform at the Michigan Renaissance Festival each year since 2014. 

To book her, or just get more information, please email her, or message her here via the contact form!

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